Astrology Events, Forecast Reading

Astrology Events, Forecast Reading

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Please read :)

Astrology events (a transit, retrograde or new moon or anything that in my opinion can influence you and a look at the overall energy)
15-30 minute voice recording sent to your e-mail address or phone consultation. 

Once you buy your reading I will usually reach out to you asking for your date of birth, time and location, and what you want to achieve from the reading and a few other details.
When I have received your reply your reading will be done within 7 days. 

When booking the reading, please let me know the preferred time and date if you booked the phone reading. Any additional information (love, family, work) important events coming up you, wish to discuss during the reading.

I'm looking forward to reading for you! :)

For your information. By law, I have to mention that this reading is for entertainment purposes only. I'm not entitled to give you health advice or speak about death or infidelity. I will give you the most accurate insight into what cards and astrology are telling me. I'm always adding light to my readings, as I truly believe that we all need a positive outlook towards the future in order to recognize our inner shadows, face them and work with them to heal and live a better more fulfilled life! :)

Querent must be 18 years or older